Miscellaneous Recordings from the Jan 13 2021 XFACTORY Workshop

DAY #1 - Jan 13 2021

Reach your perfect potential customer

Branding with Archetypes (Yup, I misspelled it in the video...LOL)

Part 1 - Content & Story Creation

Part 2 - Content & Story Creation

Stay Out of TRUBL - Renae - Blog post writing tips

Day #2 - Jan 14 2021

Some calculations you should make to plan out your year to get results you want

This is Kim's "pitch" to sign up for her high-end done-for-you marketing program

Summary of what we did today (and yesterday)

Day #3 - Jan 15 2021

Overview of all three days - focus on day #3

Jill teaches how to get your name out there so people have "heard it" somewhere

Video success tips -- Roy Varner

Irresistable offers and product ladders (Offer Cure overview)