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Ron Wilder

CEO, Dermagard, Inc.

A Brief History of Dermagard...

...and one man's search to find the perfect hand (and now mask) sanitizer.

Dermagard is the culmination of a 20-year journey to find a powerful, yet simple to use hand sanitizer that is both alcohol-free and water-free and blends with any essential oil, cologne, or perfume. But, the breakthrough discovery is that it also works on masks! We now have a system to sanitize both your hands and masks with the same product!

Hi, I’m Ron Wilder, a retired Professional Engineer, CEO of Dermagard, Inc., and an evangelist of Dermagard, the most unique and revolutionary hand and mask sanitizing system ever developed. A strong claim, I know. Let me explain.

The Roots of Discovery

It all started four years ago when a master inventor friend of mine created a very special alcohol-based sanitizer that left your hands feeling silky soft. But, we got complaints that it hurt sometimes. Have you ever put alcohol on a finger cut? Yeah, me too — Not fun. Then there’s the drying out of your hands and the actual surface skin cell destruction. We’ll write some blog posts about this stuff.

Also, do you remember a few years ago hearing how all of the anti-bacterial soaps were bad for you?  But I digress…

What is a Sanitizer?

We all hear that we need to use hand sanitizers to “stay safe” but what exactly is a hand sanitizer? It turns out for a product to be called a hand sanitizer, it must contain one of three active ingredients: isopropanol, ethanol, or benzalkonium chloride (BZC). This is according to the FDA’s final monograph of allowed active ingredients approved in 2019. 

An interesting article about the current status of over the counter hand sanitizers discusses these ingredents. Also, check out our blog post that talks about the dangers of ethanol-based sanitizers that are everywhere in the US today.

So, we decided to go with BZC since it has been used safely for half a century and is in every legal water-based hand sanitizer on the market. At first, we had problems with it blending perfectly with our formula. So, we went back into the lab and came up with our “secret sauce” that allows BZC to blend in perfectly. 

Dermagard Leaves Your Hands Feeling Silky Soft

The resulting formulation nothing like anything you have experienced in the hand sanitizer world. It leaves your hands moisturized and feeling silky soft after the initial rubbing in of the product. Simply spray once or twice on your hands and “wash” them like you are washing your hands for about 20 seconds or so and Voila! Silky smooth and protected.  

Unlike alcohol sanitizer that have that initial strong smell, Dermagard smells great with your favorite essential oil, cologne, or perfume added to it for personalized (or company pre-decided) scents.

Sanitize Your Masks Too!

Another revolutionary and timely benefit is that since it is not alcohol-based, you can even spray it on your mask when you are out and about — Talk about a breath of fresh air.  Nice. Turns out that you can use Dermagard BreatheAssist on your masks too. We have a system. Check it out:

Step 1: Spray your hands 1 or 2 times with Dermagard BreatheAssist

Step 2: Rub your hands until Dermagard BreatheAssist it is absorbed

Step 3: Spray Dermagard BreatheAssist onto your mask

Step 4: Put your mask on your face and enjoy the airway opening aroma

At that point, feel confident you are protected for hours with our active sanitizing ingredient on both your hands and mask. 

Don’t Try This With Your Current Hand Sanitizer!

No other hand sanitizer on the market can do this. They either have alcohol which you shouldn’t breathe (and only protects for 10 to 20 seconds) or water gel/foam which would be a mess on your mask. 

Our Dermagard BreathAssist system is amazing. As with most inventions, they tend to wander off target from their original purpose. But, we have created an amazing product that you have to try. 

Meet the Inventor

You’re going to love how this product was invented. Meet Dieter, the quintessential nerd inventor with decades of experience with skin and cleaning product development. Dieter is always coming to me with his latest inventions and they are amazing, let me tell you.

A few years back, when he came to me with this one, I was intrigued. We even did some preliminary product test trials with nothing but positive feedback. But with all the sanitizers on the market and no real health emergencies happening at the time I figured it wasn’t ready for prime time.

Enter COVID-19

That all changed in 2020, the year from you know where. So, we decided to rev up the project again. With all the insanity and misinformation out there, we wanted to spread the word about a better approach. And then with all of the mask wearing, we realized we had a perfect product to sanitize both your hands and masks, at the same time!

The challenge: How do we let the world know about Dermagard? Traditional marketing takes years and costs millions of dollars for the type of launch we would want. 

How to Market Dermagard?

We decided rather than market the product ourselves, we would go with a network marketing company since I have a lot of MLM experience. But rather than supply bottles pre-scented with various essential oils or perfumes, we decided to find a network marketing company that already has bottling and labeling capabilities.  This way, all we have to do is provide the product in bulk ready for bottling and labeling and let the company do the sales and distribution. We would just deliver it in barrels, vats, or trucks depending on the company’s sales projections, and they would take it from there.

We have also gotten the pricing down to be competive so everyone can make money.

How Fast Can We Deliver the Sanitizer to You?

Depending on the amount of product required, we could deliver in bulk to your bottling facitity within a couple of months. Pre-bottled samples are available immediately and can be sent to interested MLM companies who agree to not disclose our product to others until it is public.

Are You the MLM Company We Are Looking For?

At the present time, we are looking for you if you recognize the unique and timely opportunity to introduce our new product into your MLM product line. We are actively looking for the perfect Network Marketing company to sell and distribute Dermagard. 

If you are a stable and established MLM company in the USA with a product line that includes health and wellness products or essential oils, Dermagard would be a perfect fit.

If you are interested in finding out more, please click here or the contact menu option above to get ahold of us. We will get back to you very quickly.

So, that’s a brief history of Dermagard and my journey to find the perfect hand sanitizer. Little did I know I would find myself marketing it. But there it is.

Have a great week and keep smiling,

Ron Wilder

CEO, Dermagard, Inc.